15 September 2007

Replete Providore

302 Barkers Rd, Hawthorn
Ph: (03) 9818 4448
Open: Mon-Fri: 7.30am-4pm; Weekends: 8am-5pm

Don't worry, you’re not seeing double. Replete Providore has already been written about but last time I was raving about the café’s breakfast.

I’ve since been back in the middle of the day and trust me, the lunch menu is worth mentioning too.

A recent sunny Saturday saw me order the Ploughman’s grazing platter ($15) and what a grazing platter it was. Served on a wooden board it was slices of blue, hard and brie cheese, sweet onions, mushrooms marinated in balsamic, ham, seeded mustard, chozorio, smoked eggplant dip and two roasted Roma tomato halves.

My only criticism is that I would have liked to spread the offerings over a few extra slices of sourdough bread but when I said as much to the waiter as he cleared the table he said all I had to do was ask. Fair point.

The Low G.I. salad looked good at $13 with brown rice, caramelised ginger, orange segments and toasted pepitos as did the pumpkin and black olive cous cous cakes topped with pesto ($12).

As well as breakfast, the third string to Replete’s bow is its impressive catering and take-home menu. The café’s location in the heart of Hawthorn’s private school belt means the options are pricey but if you can afford it your taste buds will thank you.

So, my advice is to visit Replete for breakfast. And then stay for lunch. Then if you can spare the time lock in afternoon tea. And then buy a take-home food option for dinner. Oh, and the chocolate brownies are divine and are the perfect way to top off the Replete experience.


- zoe

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sally said...

dude, tell me you didn't post this from croatia? if you are going to post from the dalmation coast, I want to read about the bar on top of the fortress or the pizza you ate that weighed the same as you... bring on paris! au revoir!