10 January 2006

By the kid

As fans of this blog will know, somewhere along the way kate and zoe stumbled into James, a 11-year-old from Northcote who knows his stuff when it comes to food.

Forget Maccas. For our mate James it's a Rockpool steak, osso bucco at Cecconi's or - believe it or not - lobster at Rick Stein's famous Cornwall restaurant.

So yes, the kid has definitely shown kate and zoe up, which is why we've dedicated this page to him. You won't find more genuine foodie ramblings anywhere.


* * * * *

Bella Vedere


Jim's Greek Tavern

Giuseppe, Arnoldo and Sons



Coda Bar and Restaurant

Annie Smithers' Bistrot, Kyneton

Bistro Guillaume, Crown

A day of food in Philadelphia

Rick Stein's seafood restaurant

Robert Burns Hotel

A food court vs Cecconi's Cantina

Rockpool #2

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