22 July 2008

New York Tomato

Hi guys.

It's time for another guest blogger - this time our mate Janice. Janice is a Hawthorn local and is also lucky enough to be dating her own personal chef. Janice knows what she's talking about when it comes to food so expect to see her name pop up on kate and zoe from time to time.


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2-6 New St, Richmond

Ph: 9429 0505
Open: weekdays from 8am – 3pm, Sat-Sun from 9am – 2.45pm

JUST when I thought I had pretty much finalised my “top breakfast list”, I stumbled across New York Tomato. Hidden away in the back streets of Richmond, its cryptic name gives the only real clue to its location (it’s located on the corner of New and York streets).

Behind two roller doors sprawls a mismatch of patio-styled furniture, which gives the feeling you are sipping your latte in someone’s front yard rather than a café. The fact that the café was originally converted from a warehouse-style apartment also contributes to this sense of atmosphere.On the Saturday morning I visited NYT was filled with an uber-hip, Boho crowd brunching with groups of their uber-hip friends, uber-hip dogs and even more uber-hip laptops. Even the service has settled comfortably into the laidback groove, although it did remain prompt and attentive.

The food deviates from the run-of-the-mill eggs on toast, and instead the menu is occupied with an eclectic mix of globally inspired dishes, all reasonably priced around $15-$16. Splashes of sumac, tofu and smoked beans give an uplifting twist but for me, it was the twist on the eggs hollandaise: perfectly poached eggs on a bed of nutty, caramelised onions smothered in a well-balanced mustard hollandaise.

My partner - never one to go past the temptation of a fat, bursting sausage incorporated into his breakfast fare - opted for the herby scrambled eggs intermingled with tasty chunks of cheese kranksy, piled atop a lightly toasted bagel.

If the food and atmosphere isn’t enough, perhaps the most impressive characteristic of this café is the sudden awareness when you arrive to pay at the counter, of the incredibly limited space the chefs in the kitchen must work with. Being able to still produce such creative and polished dishes with such a restricted area even left my never-lost-for-words partner (also a breaky chef) open mouthed.

With such a unique menu and relaxed ambience, I am sure this café will lure me back for many return visits, and cement itself into my ever revised “top breaky’s list”.


- janice

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kate and zoe said...

Hi guys, I've finally made it to NYT myself after Janice's glowing blog and it lived up to expectation. Hard to get a seat but if you do, it's gold. Such a hidden gem, a rarity busy Richmond. On the weekend the three breakfast specials looked great but I opted with the scrambled eggs with pistacio, tarragon, asparagus, taleggio, crunchy potatoes and dukkah oil. Weird combo but it worked. Really well.
- zoe