1 September 2008

Tangelo Fine Foods

531 Malvern Rd
Toorak VIC 3142
(Hawksburn Village)
Ph: (03) 9826 1297

115 Church St
Brighton VIC 3186
Ph: (03) 9592 1411

LAST night I ate half a log. And I'm not talking about one of those honey nougat log chocolate bars. It was a chicken log which is another name for a giant chicken and leek pie about 40cm long x 15cm wide from Tangelo in Toorak.

Being pregnant was my excuse for such gluttony. Well, that was what I was ready to say if my husband raised any eyebrows as I tucked in.

The log was perfect for a cold winter's night. We each had a quarter, a fairly decent serve. But the other half was just sitting there, burning a hole on my brain, begging to be eaten, that I joined him in a second serving. (Since he's about 2 feet taller than me and plays some sort of sport most days, he doesn't get raised eyebrows).

Tangelo Fine Foods is well known food store and caterer among Toorak locals and its chicken log ($48), which is designed to serve 4-6, is the star.

Many a new mum too busy to eat, or a family facing illness or tragedy have been dropped off a comforting log by caring friends.

With a serve of salad, the log is an instant meal, needing only 25 minutes or so in a 180c oven. Just like the best home cook used to make, the chicken log has large chunks of chicken breast in a creamy leek sauce, covered with a crispy pie crust. It's wholesome comfort food without the guilt (unless you scoff half of it yourself).

Tangelo is focused on catering to the discerning - or those prepared to open their wallets - with a new store in Brighton opening early this year and its sights set on launching itself in the self-proclaimed fashion capital out at Chaddy soon.

Biscuits with smarties on them, beautifully decorated girly cup cakes and old fashioned short breads ($8.50 a pack) are some of the other items worth a look.
There's also some gluten free goodies and a good range of quiches (large $25), vegetable tart (large $35) and egg and bacon pies ($4.95 each or $37 for a log), that can impress friends or be an easy stay-at-home meal.

A good range of traditional desserts including sticky date pudding (large $22), tiramisu ($12), fruit crumbles ($22) and creme caramel ($12) are on offer if you, like me, have no idea how to make your own.

The store closes at 1.30pm on Saturday and most of the good stuff is sold out early in the day so get in early.

Next time I'll ensure an army of friends are joining me next time I bring a chicken log home to avoid eating half myself.

Tangelo chicken log 8/10

- kate


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