12 November 2007

The Botanical

169 Domain Rd
South Yarra
9820 7888
Mon-Fri From 7am
Sat-Sun From 8am

IT'S been found! A contender for Melbourne's best bircher. Surprisingly right under my nose at the good old Bot. Not only is the Domain Rd stalwart a top spot for an afternoon champagne or a fancy steak - it boasts the most incredible bircher ($8.50).

A stunning crunchy combo of grated apple, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and more goodies mixed through a delicious chunky texture of soft soaked rolled oats, topped with rhubarb compote gets my vote. Not gluggy or overpowering, it was the best I've tried yet - and i am always trying.

Mr Maximilian Bircher-Benner knew what he was doing when he invented bircher muesli back in the 1800s. The Swiss doctor believed a diet rich in raw fruit, vegetables and nuts was essential for good health. He was served up a form of bircher on a hike by shepherds alps and proceeded to serve it to his patients.

Lucky for us, Melbourne has adopted Mr Bircher's invention with gusto. And I get to continue my love affair with bircher as I hunt down the best.

The Bot could have got lucky but back a second and third time, proves its bircher is genuine gold. The porridge also gets the thumbs up - but unlike most places, the large actually means just that ($8.50). My friend wished for the small ($5.50) despite the yummy mix of bananas, rhubarb and maple syrup.

The Bot isn't cheap. But as its loyal clientele know, brekky and coffee is a more affordable way to experience this stellar eaterie. Warning - brekky finishes at 11am.

Bircher: 9.5/10

- Kate


vida said...

Have you tried Chirico Bakery in Fitzroy Street, not only the best bread in town, donuts to die for and coffee that is superb but the bircher is by far my favourite in Melbourne!!! Vida x x x

kate and zoe said...

Cool. thanks Vida! i will get down there asap!