15 January 2008


717 Rathdowne St
Carlton North
Ph: (03) 9348 1276

IF you are waiting for a seat on a Monday morning at a local cafe, you know you're onto a good thing.

That was the case with North in North Carlton's Rathdowne St last week.

A stroll up and down for about 10 minutes was required until we jumped on a table out the front.

It's all really cute. Rathdowne St is beautiful anyway and North is another quality addition.

The menu is interesting with a difference. We enjoyed the smoked chicken wrap with lemon mayonaise, roast potato, rocket and relish ($8) and loved the service.

Other interesting combos included the Rueben Sandwich open grilled with corned beef, swiss cheese men and sauer kraut ($8.50), spiced pumpkin ciabatta, red pepper, relish and spinach ($8), white bean, fresh herbs and silverbeet on rye toast ($10) and sardines with ciabatta, red pepper paste and haloumi ($10).

Seriously good coffee was thanks to coffee supreme which is roasted in Richmond.

Baked eggs, a new trend in Melbourne cafe land it seems, are on the menu for breakfast with pork sausage, roast fennell and pecorino. ($12)

Excellent service, chic and quirk, North is the busiest cafe in the street for a good reason.


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Australian Atheist said...

busiest cafe in the street

Always a good sign.