6 January 2008

Rockpool Bar and Grill

Crown Complex, Southbank
Ph: (03) 8648 1900

EVERYONE raves about it. And now it's my turn. Rockpool is magnificent.

From the hanging beef at the entrance to the various cattle breed printed paper menus which double as placemats, there is a serious commitment to beef.

The interior boasts beautiful rich timber with a smartness and space befitting a restaurant super power.

Despite the accolades and exaltation, Rockpool's feel is unfussy as is the menu. Beef is the focus, offered as a variety of grass fed cuts from the woodfired grill. The pinnacle is Blackmore Wagyu fillet - grown at Alexandra near my family's farm at Taggerty in Victoria's northeast.

The others are:

Dry aged grass fed beef
Rib-Eye 450g 41 days ($60.00)
Sirloin on the Bone 400g 49 days ($55.00)
T-Bone 500g+ 49 days ($49.00)
Rump 400g 41 days ($39.00)


Dry aged 36 month old grass fed beef
Rib-Eye on the Bone 750g 43 days (Suitable for Two) ($90.00)
Sirloin on the Bone 400g 38 days ($60.00)
Rib-Eye 300g 43 days Minute Style with Café de Paris Butter $55.00


36 month old grass fed beef
Fillet 250g ($55.00),
Skirt 280g ($35.00)

If you got through all that then you've got the stomach for Rockpool.

On my visit I devoured the mighty 450g rib-eye ($60.00). The excellent waiting staff offered an extensive array of mustards and horseradishes.

Getting much less airplay is a vast selection of seafood and ham including the premium Joselito iberico ($50 for a plate).

Clearly you want someone else to be shouting this outing. If your wallet doesn't stretch this far, there's a much cheaper bar menu which includes the handsome wagyu burger ($15).


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Anonymous said...

Given I'm not going to be able to pop in to Robert et Louise in Paris any time soon, this might be the next best bet! I'll start saving!!