12 August 2008

Robert Burns Hotel

Hi guys,

It's time for another review from our junior blogging buddy, 10-year-old James. This time he hit Collingwood's renowned Spanish eatery, the Robbie Burns Hotel. And he's got the garlic breath to prove it!


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376 Smith St, Collingwood
Ph: (03) 9417 2233.
Open: lunch and dinner, Mon to Sat

"A great place to go for lunch on a Saturday is the Robbie Burns Hotel in Smith St, Collingwood ... especially if you like garlic!

So Mum, Dad and I went along to the Robbie Burns on the weekend and had a garlic-fest. First we ordered some garlic bread. It was really, really nice. I had two of the four pieces.

Next came garlic prawns, which were left sizzling in an amazingly hot dish. When they finally cooled down, I had my first bite. The garlic prawns were delicious and the sauce was so good you couldn't leave it behind, so we asked the friendly waitress for some more plain bread and butter to dip into the sauce.

For the main course, my dad and I shared a garlic porterhouse steak. This was probably the best part of the Robbie Burns meal. The steak was cooked medium, just like Dad and I asked for it. Best of all it had a really, really strong garlic taste with lots of crushed garlic mixed with a little bit of chilli. Just what you want if you're having a garlic-fest at the Robbie Burns. The chips were also nice.

After any great meal you have to thank the maker and that's the chef. If you give the chef a compliment about his or her food, it will make their day. So I thanked the chef at Robbie Burns and he was happy.

Who cares if we stank of garlic afterwards?"

- James, 10, of Northcote

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