4 August 2008

Sushi Sushi

Victoria Gardens, 620 Victoria St, Richmond
Ph: (03) 9428 1120

FAST food franchises are not usually the subject of a blog. But this particular outlet of this particular franchise is worth attention.

Sushi Sushi at Richmond’s Victoria Gardens has got something special going for it: the freshest sushi rolls and sashimi at a budget price.

For $2.20, soft, fresh and delicious sushi rolls come in the usual raw salmon, avocado, and cooked tuna varieties. Vegetarian is a mix of crunchy cucumber, daikon radish, and tofu sprinkled with sesame seeds. Delicious. Teriyaki salmon and chicken are also winners.

For chopstick fans, staff will happily oblige to chopping up your sushi rolls and present it on a plate, to enjoy Japanese cuisine's proper tools. I always think sushi tastes better eaten with chopsticks, dipped in soy and wasabi and dressed with pickled ginger.

Freshly made packs of sushi and sashimi range from $6 to $12.

Doing our weekly shop we always stop and grab some sushi, and week in, week out quality and freshness is consistently good. Comparisons with Sushi Sushi in the city’s Melbourne Central did not fare well so I can only assume Richmond have literally got all the right ingredients for quality.

Others agree, as there's always a queue lining up for sushi rolls and the cubed, ikea style seats are usually full.

On a recent visit, the young Japanese chefs busy preparing hoardes of fresh sushi stopped work to duck out of the kitchen. Moments later they returned with brown paper takeaway bags. Their food of choice? McDonalds.

These boys know what they’re doing with the sashimi knife, but sometimes there’s no accounting for taste.

For a decent shopping centre feast, as ironic as it sounds, it’s hard to beat Victoria’ Garden’s Sushi Sushi.


- Kate


Anonymous said...

yeah! its much better,

Anonymous said...

Agreed - I work near there and eat their maki often and it's always difficult to choose which ones. I love the duck one best!